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The Lifestyle Wealth Process

We’re here to help you employ your assets to best effect, give you more control over your financial affairs as they are now and to help you anticipate and prepare for what the future might hold. To do that, we’ll want to know all about your hopes, your goals and your wishes for the years ahead. Having quantified your expectations (and your concerns) we use financial modelling tools to illustrate how your life is going to ‘pan out’ in terms of money and to answer some of your key ‘what if…’ questions.

Only by discovering all the relevant details are we able to see the bigger picture. Gathering those facts and figures takes time, as does the production and on-going management of your financial plan. For those reasons, we have to confine our Lifestyle Wealth Process service to a relatively small number of individuals and families who live in and around Kent.

Specifically, we provide advice and guidance on:

  • Investment Planning and Portfolio Management
  • Pre and Post Retirement Planning
  • Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Asset Protection and Risk Management

Through our Annual Planning Meetings, we will meet with you to learn of any developments that may have occurred in your life in the previous twelve months which could affect your plan. Following those meetings, we may suggest making changes to your plan to ensure that you remain on course to meet your long term financial objectives. If something unexpected comes along that you need our advice on — at any time — you can of course meet with us face-to-face (or telephone us) whenever you need it.