Investment Planning & Portfolio Management

The management of investable capital (in the form of pensions or other investments) is a task that ideally should be carried out with other related issues — some financial, some not — firmly in mind.

The value you get from having your capital managed by professionals depends to some extent on how well organised your other financial affairs are.

Time for a change?
It’s likely that you’ve accumulated a relatively large amount of capital in the course of your career or business activities. As you know, that doesn’t happen by accident — it takes a plan. But now you have the capital you’ve strived for, you may need to change your approach. Rather than an investment strategy that focuses on accumulation, you need to implement a plan that manages the capital at your disposal.

Made-to-measure but flexible

Our investment team will work with you to develop a strategy that mirrors your needs and circumstances. Once implemented, your strategy will be reviewed as and when necessary. Should we conclude that changes would be beneficial, we will discuss those potential modifications with you before taking any further action. You can of course view your portfolio online whenever you require.

A completely unbiased and independent approach

My qualifications demonstrate that I have a thorough understanding of the complexities of investment and portfolio management. Although the advice I provide is objective and impartial, it is always tempered with a practical attitude, empathy and understanding. Financial independence is precious — as is your capital. I completely understand and respect what it’s taken to get you where you are. My aim is to forge long term and fruitful relationship with you. As such, I will never recommend investments that expose your capital to unnecessary risk.

Investment planning is part and parcel of our all-encompassing Lifestyle Wealth Process.