5 excellent places to spot wildlife in the UK 29th June 2021

If you’re a fan of wildlife, you don’t have to travel as far as you might think when planning a wildlife spotting trip. The UK has an abundance of landscapes to explore that are home to an incredible array of wildlife, from soaring birds to those you can glimpse beneath the waves. If you’ve yet […]

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Are Premium Bonds and other prize draws a good option for your savings?

Interest rates have been below 1% for 12 years. If you’re a saver, that means you’ve likely been receiving very little interest from your savings. One alternative option you may be considering is an account with a prize draw, but are they worth it and do they make sense for you? Premium Bonds have been […]

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5 excuses for not seeking financial advice, and why they’re wrong

Millions of people are missing out on financial advice that could help them reach their goals because of misconceptions, research finds. Speaking to a financial planner can help you organise your finances, understand the impact of your decisions, and make sure you’re on track to reach future goals. According to Royal London, 9.4 million people […]

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Is £26,000 the secret to a happy retirement?

How much do you need to live the retirement lifestyle you want? It’s a question that’s on the mind of many people as they near their retirement date. Now research suggests that couples need an income of £26,000 to live comfortably, but if you want some luxurious extras, that needs to rise to £41,000. Which? […]

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