Your guide to superfoods: What are they, and which ones will you be eating in 2020? 10th February 2020

Superfoods are big business. With trendy new foodstuffs declared ‘super’ each year, often with highly attractive health claims and celebrity endorsements attached, they can appear too good to pass up. But what are superfoods? Do they even exist? And which ones are we all going to be eating in 2020?    What are superfoods? A superfood […]

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The clever tactics criminals use to scam you

Criminals are coming up with increasingly sophisticated ways to get you to hand over your money. From fake calls purporting to be from HMRC to emails claiming you’ve not made a TV licence payment, avoiding scams can be a minefield. Being vigilant is essential for protecting your wealth. Technology and internet access have made our […]

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4 ways you can efficiently pass wealth on to the next generation

Do you intend to pass on wealth to loved ones? If you want to help children and grandchildren become more financially secure, you need to consider more than just the sum you’ll be giving them. Tax rules may mean you need to think carefully about how you do so, as well as the impact it […]

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What’s the purpose of your retirement?

Purpose in life gives you a sense of direction and provides meaning. Having a purpose can improve your wellbeing throughout life, and it’s no different when you’re in retirement. Understanding what your purpose is can make the next chapter of your life more fulfilling. One of the key elements of financial planning is marrying together […]

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