Long-term expectations 28th November 2023

Returns from diversified equity-bond portfolios have been disappointing of late. For instance, over the last 12 months, the average of funds in the Investment Association’s three ‘mixed investment’ sectors (0-35% shares, 20-60% shares and 40-85% shares) have returned between -0.7% and 1.0%. Increased long-term interest rates have encouraged negative returns from bond investments and acted […]

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7 practical ways to beat the winter blues 9th November 2023

As the nights draw in, it’s normal to want to spend more time indoors where it’s warm. However, if it affects your mood and motivation, you could be suffering from the winter blues. Luckily, there are often steps you can take to overcome it.  The NHS estimates that around 2 million people in the UK […]

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How to help your family manage your affairs when you pass away

Planning for your death can be emotionally difficult, but it could be a huge help to your loved ones.  Research suggests administering an estate after a loved one has passed away can affect mental health and finances. Read on to learn more about some of the steps you could take to help your family manage […]

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5 valuable reasons planning with your partner could cut your tax bill

Households are paying more in taxes, research suggests. At a time when high inflation may be affecting your outgoings, finding ways to reduce your tax bill could be valuable. If you’re married or in a civil partnership, planning with your partner could help you get more out of allowances.  According to the Institute for Fiscal […]

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