The art you must see to celebrate the National Gallery’s 200th anniversary 14th May 2024

Did you know that the National Gallery turns 200 this year? Originally founded in 1824, the museum in Trafalgar Square, London houses an impressive collection of over 2,300 paintings. Displaying art from the mid-13th century to 1900, it’s home to many famous paintings that people travel across the world to see. Whether you’re a London […]

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How to beat the potential harmful effects of “loss aversion” on your wealth

“Loss aversion” is a type of bias that could affect how you manage your finances. It’s a concept that was developed by renowned psychologist Daniel Kahneman, who won a Nobel Prize for his influential work and sadly passed away in March 2024. To celebrate his life, read on to find out more about loss aversion […]

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Hooked on Ripley? Fraudsters may use some of the same tactics to scam you

The psychological thriller Ripley has received critical praise for its cinematography and writing. If you’ve been on the edge of your seat watching the story unfold, you might have thought “I’d never fall for the tactics of a con artist”, but a scam carried out today uses many of the same ploys and relies on […]

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3 practical reasons to check your State Pension forecast before you retire

The State Pension is often a useful foundation when you’re creating an income in retirement. Yet, a survey from Just Group found that a third of people didn’t check their State Pension forecast before stopping work. While the State Pension might not be your primary income in retirement, it’s often valuable because it’s reliable – […]

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