Retirement may once have felt like the final hurdle; once you reach it, however, you might find there are new challenges waiting on the other side.

Whether you retired with a financial plan in place or not, ensuring you have enough income to live the life you want can feel like a balancing act. Not only will you want to ensure you can do all the things you want to, but you will likely want to leave a legacy behind for your loved ones. Spending and saving wisely, so that you have enough to live and enough to leave behind, demands a financial strategy.

There are other, additional factors that may have affected your financial situation in retirement. You may have recently acquired a lump sum; whether that’s an inheritance or the capital from your Final Salary pension, using it wisely and purposefully, whilst ensuring Inheritance Tax is minimised, requires careful planning.

We are Independent Financial Planners with years of experience working with people who are already retired. We will review your financial situation, then recommend the changes you should make to ensure your retirement is fulfilling and your legacy is in accordance with your wishes.

Here’s how we work:

1. Discovery Meeting

This meeting is an opportunity for you to meet us and allow you to decide if we are the right people to work with you. At the meeting, we will take the time to understand where you are today, what you want the rest of your life to look like and what concerns you have financially. We will explain how we will work with you and how we charge for helping you. We will provide you with a Confidential Financial Questionnaire so we can fully understand your current position.

2. Planning Meeting

At the planning meeting, we will work together to build a plan to enable you to achieve the future lifestyle that you want and remove any concerns that you may have. Following the meeting, we will provide you with your Lifestyle Wealth Plan which will cover our advice and recommendations.

3. Implementation Meeting

Prior to the meeting, we will contact you and ask which areas of the plan you are happy to implement and which areas you want to discuss further. At the meeting, we will discuss any areas you want further clarification on before we implement your plan. We will complete all the paperwork with you then manage the application process, keeping you informed of progress.

4. Ongoing Service

As we all know, life is changeable; your financial plan must be able to adapt to any bumps in the road. Because of this, we offer an Ongoing Service to ensure everything stays on track. Our Ongoing Service includes an annual planning meeting, as well as unlimited communication and face-to-face access to our Financial Planner, James.

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