Long-term expectations

Returns from diversified equity-bond portfolios have been disappointing of late. For instance, over the last 12 months, the average of funds in the Investment Association’s three ‘mixed investment’ sectors (0-35% shares, 20-60% shares and 40-85% shares) have returned between -0.7% and 1.0%. Increased long-term interest rates have encouraged negative returns from bond investments and acted […]

A few thoughts on markets

A hand holding up a 12-sided £1 coin.

In the year-to-date, and including Friday’s moves, the pound has lost a whopping -19.3% from its exchange value with the US dollar. Around -3.3% of that came on Friday. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a currency that hasn’t lost out against the dollar this year. The euro is down -14.2% vis-a-vis the dollar, […]

Removal of Bricks & Mortar Commercial Real Estate

There are two types of commercial property funds which are generally available to investors. The first, and oldest, form might be described as a ‘direct’ property fund. Direct property funds invest in real ‘bricks and mortar’ properties like shopping centres, warehouses and offices. The second, newer, ‘indirect’ form invests in the shares of listed property […]

How does cashflow modelling help you?

Financial planning can be filled with jargon and it can be difficult to understand exactly how the processes help you and the value it adds to your plans. One of the valuable tools we use is cashflow modelling. It’s a strategy that offers plenty of benefits to clients, so we wanted to take the time […]

Getting to grips with the Nil-Rate Band for Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is one of the most controversial taxes and it’s one that can lead to much confusion. If you’re planning how you’ll pass your wealth on to loved ones, IHT can be difficult to get your head around. Once you throw in Nil-Rate Bands, you might be at a loss as to what […]

Seven signs that your investment portfolio could benefit from a review

When was the last time you reviewed your investment portfolio? It’s a task that can seem daunting and a one that’s easily forgotten about as life gets in the way. But it’s an important step to take to ensure your investments are on track with your personal goals in mind. If these seven signs are […]

The ins and outs of Flexi-Access Drawdown

Since the introduction of Pension Freedoms, more retirees are choosing to leave their retirement savings invested. But before you decide how to take your pension, understanding the ins and outs of using Flexi-Access Drawdown is important. First up, what exactly is Flexi-Access Drawdown? When you come to take your pension, you can choose to leave […]

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