How to make sure your pension lasts a lifetime 14th June 2019

Thousands of retirees are shunning Annuities when they reach retirement age. Instead, they’re taking advantage of the opportunity to access their pension savings flexibly. It can be a fantastic way to match your income and lifestyle, but figures suggest many are withdrawing unsustainable amounts. There are many benefits to taking your pension flexibly. However, you […]

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Using your home to fund retirement 14th May 2019

When planning for retirement, it often means bringing together different income streams to suit you; rarely is your retirement income just from your pension. You might also be considering how to use your savings and investments, for example. One way to boost income in retirement that’s growing in popularity is through using property. It’s easy […]

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Eight in ten homeowners could be at risk if their income stops

There are many reasons why your income could suddenly stop and it’s not a situation we want to think about. However, planning for potential scenarios means you’ll be in a better position financially and practically should they happen. Despite this, more than eight in ten homeowners who are stilling paying a mortgage haven’t taken out […]

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Longer lives and retirement plans

Retirement is a huge milestone and one that’s lasting longer for many people. You now have more choice around when you want to retire, how to take an income, and what you want to do after you’ve given up work. Whilst more flexibility has certainly been welcomed, it can present you with some challenging decisions […]

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