Income Tax freeze means 1 in 5 could pay the higher rate by 2024/25. Here’s how you could reduce your liability 30th June 2022

Last year, former chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that he would freeze Income Tax thresholds until 2026, and it means far more people will be paying the higher- or additional-rate tax in the future. Coupled with the freeze, it’s anticipated that wages will rise at a faster pace than expected thanks to high levels of inflation […]

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Should you voluntarily pay National Insurance contributions to boost your State Pension?

The State Pension is often an important part of your retirement income, so should you top up your National Insurance contributions (NICs) to increase it? Even if you have other pensions or income in retirement, your State Pension can be valuable. As it’ll be paid from when you reach State Pension Age for the rest […]

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Modern retirees are increasing their spending in later years, and it could affect your financial security

A trend among modern retirees to increase their spending as they get older could mean that some run out of money during their lifetime. The new research is an important reminder to consider how your spending needs will change during your retirement. Traditionally, spending has been higher during the initial few years of retirement as […]

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The most beautiful train journeys you can take across Europe 17th June 2022

Travelling doesn’t have to just get you from A to B. These stunning train journeys can evoke the feel of a bygone era of luxury train travel through scenic Europe. Luxury train journeys were first introduced in the 1860s, with the Orient Express becoming the most well known. Originally, it travelled from Paris to Istanbul […]

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