World Book Night celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Read our top 10 books from 10 years 16th April 2020

World Book Night – a national celebration of the joy of books and reading – turns ten this year. On the night of 23 April, tens of thousands of free books will be handed out to organisations across the country. The event is run by the Reading Agency charity, and it aims to help tackle […]

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Should I pay off my mortgage or invest the money? 9th March 2020

If you find yourself with a lump sum – perhaps through an inheritance, a bonus or because an investment has matured – you may be wondering what you should do with it. One of the common questions that we’re asked is ‘should I pay off my mortgage with a lump sum, or should I invest […]

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How using a trust could save UK families £300 million each year 6th March 2020

Back in 2017, more than 35,000 term life insurance policies paid out an average of more than £78,000. Nearly every claim was paid (98%) and tens of thousands of families/beneficiaries were supported following an unexpected bereavement, to the tune of £2.79 billion. However, HM Revenue and Customs figures from the same tax year (2016/17) show […]

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Silver start-ups: 6 reasons to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit in retirement

When you picture your retirement, what do you imagine? For some, it may be relaxing on holiday or spending more time with loved ones. But more retirees are choosing this time to launch a business. Whilst retirement may have once been exclusively been associated with putting your feet up and unwinding. Today, it’s a milestone […]

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