Early retirement: Why preparation is key 18th March 2019

For many, early retirement is a dream. If giving up work before you reach State Pension age is something you’re hoping to achieve, planning as soon as possible can help turn it into a reality. Retirement at any stage requires planning and preparation. But if you’re hoping to give up work sooner than the traditional […]

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Using your pension as an inheritance

When it comes to planning how your estate will pass to your loved ones, there could be a crucial element that you’re missing; your pension. While you’ve probably thought about who you’d like to inherit your home, investments and savings, pensions are often forgotten about. It’s easy to see why, after all, while you regularly […]

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What you need to know about your pension if you continue to work

As you approach traditional retirement age, you may decide that it’s not the right time for you to give up work yet. It’s part of a wider trend and there are any number of reasons you may decide to continue working. However, there are some key things to understand about your pension first. Phased retirement […]

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The impact of investment performance on your pension

Whether you have a Workplace Pension or are paying into a Personal Pension, you may have experienced the performance changing dramatically over the last 12 months. The value of the money stored away for your retirement may have decreased. When you look at how the value has changed, it’s natural to worry about the impact […]

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