5 reasons to switch pension providers to boost your retirement savings (and 3 things to do first)

Who is your current pension provider and why did you choose them? Even when you’re making regular pension contributions, it’s not something you think about often. In many cases, your employer chooses your pension provider, and you stick with them, but there are reasons you may want to switch. Over the years, your pension is […]

Thousands will run out of money in retirement, will you?

Saving into a pension and accessing it comes with a lot of challenges as you need to think about how much income you need throughout retirement. Research from the People’s Pension suggests that looking at the bigger picture is something many people are putting off, even as they near retirement age and start drawing an […]

Are Premium Bonds a good place for your savings?

With interest rates low and investment markets experiencing volatility throughout 2020, you may be looking for an alternative place to put your money. Premium Bonds are an option you may be considering, but you could end up missing out on returns. What are Premium Bonds? Premium Bonds are a type of investment product issued by […]

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