5 powerful reasons to learn more about your pension today

A man and woman looking at some paperwork.

For many people, their pension is a crucial part of their retirement plan. With Pension Awareness 2023 starting on 11 September, it’s the perfect time to learn more about your pension savings. Despite pensions often being essential for reaching retirement goals, a survey suggests many savers lack pension knowledge and don’t plan to seek support. […]

3 valuable reasons you should increase your pension contributions when your earnings rise

Young woman looking happy about her finances

When you receive a pay rise, the first thing that may come to mind is buying a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Rightfully so, too; you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. After you’ve finished celebrating, it may be worth putting that extra income to work by voluntarily increasing your pension contributions. […]

Does “lifestyling” pensions still make sense for modern workers?

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“Lifestyling” is a common way to protect your pension wealth as you near retirement. Yet, as retirement becomes far more flexible, is it something that’s still appropriate for modern workers? Read on to find out what it means and if it’s something you should consider.  Lifestyling aims to protect the pension savings you’ve built up […]

How inflation can reduce your pension and what you can do about it

When you think of risks to your retirement, do you include inflation? It can have a huge impact on your income throughout retirement. Yet, it’s often overlooked when creating a retirement plan. Inflation refers to the rising cost of living. Day-to-day, it’s not something that you notice. However, over a longer timeframe, such as your […]

5 reasons to switch pension providers to boost your retirement savings (and 3 things to do first)

Who is your current pension provider and why did you choose them? Even when you’re making regular pension contributions, it’s not something you think about often. In many cases, your employer chooses your pension provider, and you stick with them, but there are reasons you may want to switch. Over the years, your pension is […]

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