The quick guide to bonds 9th June 2020

When it comes to investing, it’s probably stock markets and shares that come to mind. Yet the average investment portfolio uses various asset classes to deliver returns and manage risk. One important part of your portfolio may be bonds. Bonds can also be known as gilts, coupons and yields, which, along with other financial jargon, […]

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The danger of holding too much cash

How much of your wealth do you hold in cash? Whilst it’s often viewed as the ‘safe’ option, there is a danger of your assets losing value in the long term and holding too much in cash too. It’s easy to see why people choose to hold large sums in cash. As it’s something we […]

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What is the pension triple lock, and why is it important?

You may have seen recent headlines about the possibility of the pensions triple lock being scrapped in the near future. Whilst Boris Johnson has committed to honouring it, it’s still important to understand what it means and why it’s important for your retirement plans. What is the pension triple lock? The pension triple lock refers […]

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Accessing your pension: Annuity vs Flexi-Access Drawdown

In the past, the majority of people saved for retirement over their working life, gave up work on a set date and used their pension savings to purchase an Annuity. However, as retirement lifestyles have changed, so to have the options you’re faced with as you approach the milestone. If you’re nearing retirement, you may […]

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