How to create your bucket list 9th October 2019

A bucket list should be personal, fun and help you accomplish the things you want in life. We often talk about things that are on bucket lists, whether it’s travelling to a new destination or trying your hand at something different, but have you ever written down your ideas? Putting together a bucket list can […]

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Why are retirees shunning downsizing?

Figures suggest retirees are shunning downsizing. Moving to a cheaper home used to be a common way to unlock wealth tied up in property to fund retirement. However, a new trend means that over 55s are more likely to plan to remain in their current home. According to research from Nationwide: Only a third (36%) […]

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Banks scams: Protecting your money

Banks scams are on the rise and becoming more sophisticated. Every year, thousands of people are duped into authorising payments to fraudsters that they may not be able to receive compensation for. Understanding how criminals operate could help protect your money. According to figures from Finance UK, more than £616 million was stolen by criminals […]

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9 credit score myths debunked

Credit scores are a critical part of your financial wellbeing, particularly when you’re seeking to borrow money. However, whether you’re hoping to be approved for a mortgage or simply want to check your score, there’s a lot of myths floating around. First, what is a credit score? A credit score is a tool that potential […]

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