Financial security is the most important retirement goal for 9 in 10 Brits 10th October 2023

When you think about the most popular retirement dreams, an adventurous cruise or having time to put your feet up might come to mind. Yet, a survey found the most common goal for retirement is to achieve financial security.  According to Legal & General, a huge 94% of Brits say their most important retirement dream […]

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3 valuable reasons your financial reviews are important

Creating a financial plan is just the first step to reaching your goals. While you may have carefully set out what you need to do, financial reviews are still essential.   Often, it’s advised that you review your financial plan once a year or following major life events. Over the next few months, you can read […]

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5 out-of-this-world ways to celebrate World Space Week 4th September 2023

If you’re fascinated by space, World Space Week is the perfect time to indulge your interest and learn more about the universe.  Between 4 and 10 October, participants in more than 90 countries will celebrate World Space Week with over 11,000 events. This year’s theme, entrepreneurship, looks at how the private sector is pushing the […]

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Remote working opportunities lead to a jump in “garden offices” searches

The rise in remote working has led to garden offices becoming the latest must-have feature for homes. Adding a garden office could make your days more productive if you’re a remote or hybrid worker and increase the value of your property.  A study from the ifo Institute in Germany found the UK is one of […]

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