Financial bias: How caution could be affecting your future 13th November 2019

Research has highlighted how being cautious with pension investment can be as damaging as taking too much risk. In some cases, a cautious approach is appropriate. But, in others, it’ll be the result of subconscious financial bias affecting the decisions we make. Research from Cass Business School found women are more risk-averse than men. It’s […]

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Why talking about money is important

November marks Talk Money week, an initiative that aims to encourage more people to talk about their finances. In the UK, personal finances can be something of a taboo subject. It’s not something we widely discuss. But whether it’s chatting with your partner or your financial planner, there are a lot of reasons why we […]

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What you need to know when topping up your State Pension

Figures show a huge surge in the number of people making voluntary National Insurance contributions to top up their State Pension record. It could help you increase your retirement income but there are some things to be aware of before you proceed. The State Pension often provides a foundation to build your retirement income on. […]

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6 things to avoid when accessing your pension

Thousands of retirees access their pension every year. However, it can still involve making many challenging decisions. How should you access your savings? What is a sustainable annual income? What can you do to minimise tax? Understanding the pitfalls to avoid when you first access your pension can help you build a retirement income that […]

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