The healthy living lessons you could learn from blue zones 10th October 2023

Embracing lessons from so-called “blue zones” could boost your health and longevity, according to an expert. Read on to find out more about these areas and how you could make changes to your life.  In 2004, two professors identified Sardinia’s Nuoro Province in Italy as having a high concentration of male centenarians. They referred to […]

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How to access wealth that’s locked away in your home

Are you considering how to access the wealth that’s locked away in your home? There’s more than one way you could release property wealth later in life.  There are lots of reasons why you may want to access the money that’s tied up in your home. Perhaps you want to use the money to fund […]

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How to make happiness part of your financial plan

People often think of their financial plan as a way to grow their wealth and provide financial security. You might consider areas like your pension or financial protection to be core parts of your financial plan. Yet, while they’re important, your happiness is essential too.  Financial planning is about helping you reach your financial goals, […]

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3 essential factors to consider if you plan to gift wealth to avoid Inheritance Tax

Figures suggest more families are gifting to avoid Inheritance Tax (IHT). While passing on assets to loved ones may seem like a clear solution, it isn’t always so simple.  More estates are becoming liable for IHT as thresholds for paying the tax are frozen. The Office for Budget Responsibility predicts HMRC will collect £8.4 billion […]

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