9 credit score myths debunked 9th October 2019

Credit scores are a critical part of your financial wellbeing, particularly when you’re seeking to borrow money. However, whether you’re hoping to be approved for a mortgage or simply want to check your score, there’s a lot of myths floating around. First, what is a credit score? A credit score is a tool that potential […]

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Is it worth paying into a pension if you’re approaching retirement?

Auto-enrolment has seen millions more saving into a pension. However, research suggests that those aged over 60 are far more likely to opt-out of their Workplace Pension scheme. Whilst it’s understandable that you may decide not to pay into a pension as you approach retirement, what could it cost you? Auto-enrolment means that the majority […]

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What to do when you don’t want to ‘retire’ 5th September 2019

Retirement is often a milestone that’s eagerly anticipated. Many of us think about handing our notice in for the last time, having more free time to do what we like and simply relaxing. However, the reality doesn’t always live up to expectations and many don’t want to ‘retire’ in the traditional sense. When you think […]

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5 steps to take if you’re relying on an inheritance

Are you expecting to receive an inheritance at some point in your life? Whilst many of us know loved ones hope to leave something behind for family, it seems that people are increasingly relying on an inheritance to achieve their aspirations. According to a survey, one in seven young adults expects to inherit money before […]

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