Scam awareness month: What you need to know to spot a pension scam 1st June 2021

Have you ever been targeted by a scam? Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated, and their scams can be hard to spot. This Scam Awareness Month, learning how to protect your pension could safeguard your retirement plans. According to Action Fraud, in the first three months of 2021, fraudsters took £1.8 million from pensions. Victims have […]

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Over 55s planning once in a lifetime experiences, but could finances hold back aspirations?

While the mantra might be “life begins at 40”, over 55s are planning to live their life to the fullest as Covid-19 restrictions lift. Retirement might be associated with taking it easy and putting your feet up, but over 55s are planning to explore new places and tick other items off their bucket list in […]

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Retiring in 2021? Planning is key as two-thirds risk depleting their pension savings

If you’re planning to retire this year, do you know how long your pension will last? Your pension savings will have an impact on the lifestyle you can afford and your financial security later in life. Yet, research indicates that two-thirds of retirees risk running out of money. According to a Standard Life report, the […]

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Aviva UK Property Fund 21st May 2021

You may read in the news over the weekend that Aviva Investors have taken the decision to close the Aviva UK Property Fund. I am slightly surprised, though not at all alarmed, that they have decided on this course of action. I cannot say for sure but I think there are a few factors that […]

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